PDPM Rate-Driver Data Shows How SNFs Performed in 2020

How does your facility’s data compare
and what are the pitfalls?

The transition to PDPM coupled with the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) created a challenging landscape for SNFs of all shapes and sizes to navigate. And while the waters were muddied by both of these events, meaningful data still exists that can help us better shape the future of our operations moving into 2021.

SNFs can use this information to:
  • Better understand the early effects of PDPM on the industry as a whole
  • Benchmark their operations against a large sample size of similar operations
  • Learn strategies to identify and react to internal trends
  • Better prepare for the possible scrutiny from CMS and providers

Recently, PointRight, a Net Health company, conducted and published data analysis of its userbase looking at the year-over-year changes in rate-driver percentages from FYQ4-2019 (Pre-PDPM) and FYQ4-2020 (Post-PDPM).

In this ebook, not only do we showcase and analyze these results, but our team of experts provides answers to common follow-up questions, and delivers helpful strategies to forge a productive path forward.

If you'd like to learn more, take a minute to read our free e-book Assessment of PDPM Rate-Driver Data Shows How SNFs Performed in 2020 and consider sharing it with your team.